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How to buy a fox

Lost River Exotics, based in Orleans, Indiana, is a USDA and Indiana State Licensed breeder specializing in red, silver, and ranch foxes. One should always include ramps, hanging toys, platforms, tunnel tubes, and sandboxes should be added to your fox’s enclosure for enrichment. Even if you keep your pet fox indoors, they must be supervised, so having an enclosure is beneficial. Even when you’re not at home, an enclosure provides your fox with plenty of room to roam and play. Foxes are not “cat-dogs,” contrary to the common misconception. They exhibit various behaviors and vocalizations that are unique to their species.

How to buy a fox

Their fox breeding stock has been captive-bred since the late 1940s, and they are well-known in Indiana. Foxes, like dogs and cats, can be spayed or neutered. This should be done at six months of age, according to veterinarians. Annually, with a healthy red fox, an owner should still expect How to buy a fox to be spending approximately $2500 in vet bills for general health and checkups. In most US jurisdictions, owning a fox is illegal, and animal rights activists are working to make it so in all 50 states. Owners must get permission in the states where owning a fox is still permitted.

Tips to know to Buy a Fox :

Continue reading to find out where you can buy or adopt a red fox as a pet, if foxes are permitted to keep in your state, and what these creatures require to live a long and healthy life. Getting a fox as a pet can be tricky since they are categorized as exotic animals and hence challenging to come by. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the full purchase price of $700, due when you pick up your fox or before it is shipped. Deposits guarantee the specific species but we do not guarantee gender. Selection will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

How to buy a fox

People who have owned foxes in the past say that it’s a full-time job. Cute fennec foxes are very small, fun and communicative, which is a main reason that they’re very popular with fox owners and on social media. In many states, even though it’s legal to own a fox, you can’t just go out and catch one. Kentucky, for example, allows you to own foxes, but you can’t legally import any of the fox species that are available in the pet trade. This means that if you want a pet fox in Kentucky, you pretty much have no choice but to catch it yourself.

Northern Exotics, Ontario, Canada

However, try not to feed your fox potatoes and tomatoes. In the end, the quality of your fox’s diet can be noticed by the condition of the fur. Pet foxes are going to be more comfortable in an outdoor enclosure. They need to roam, dig, climb and have the ability to exercise their natural tendencies. They are also extremely high-energy animals and need space to exhaust themselves.

  • Some fox owners have tried to get their pet fox to use an indoor litter box.
  • Keeping a fox as a pet can also be difficult due to the fact that they require specialized care and living conditions which many people may find difficult to provide.
  • In South Dakota, all species are allowed but a permitis required for all species.
  • Usually, foxes eat fruits, vegetables and small animals when wandering in the wild.

In Utah, the red fox is allowed as a pet with no permit required. In Tennessee, all species are allowed with a permit erquired for native species. Native foxes that are red and grey foxes are allowed with a permit.

Is it legal to own a fox?

Finding a breeder in your area will give you a chance to assess a potential pet and is safer for your pet than shipping. The Fennec Fox website has links to sites listing breeders and other places to buy them. To adopt any of our babies, please contact us first to confirm availability and request the application password. Then click on the button below to start the process. An applicable $500 nonrefundable deposit and an approved adoption application are required to reserve the fox kit of your choice. One of the most important aspects of owning a fox as a pet is housing.

  • Most foxes found in North Carolina are wild animals that can carry diseases and parasites into the home, creating a risk for other pets or humans living there.
  • There are also local breeders all over the world, given that owning, breeding, and selling a fox is legally allowed.
  • High-quality dog food may make up the majority of their diet in captivity, but offering them deer meat or whole fish several times weekly is important to keeping their diet well-balanced.
  • Chances are good that there aren’t any fox breeders within the state, making it practically impossible to legally own one.
  • It is illegal to own a pet fox in California, and it is strictly prohibited due to the potential harm it could cause to other animals and property.

Furthermore, investing time and resources in taming a wild animal may not result in an enjoyable pet experience due to the fox’s unpredictable nature. Pet owners in the state must obtain a permit from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources before getting a fox. Foxes must also remain in enclosures that are designed to protect them https://topbitcoinnews.org/ and their owners from potential danger. These effortless-looking animals require a lot of dedication and commitment; they have specific dietary and exercise needs that should be followed. Additionally, learning about proper fox care and gaining experience with owning one is essential for any prospective pet owner in this state.

States Where It’s Legal to Own a Fox as a Pet

In 2016, captive-bred fennec baby foxes typically sell for between $ 2,500 and $ 3,000, although the price range is increasing.Until a few years ago, the range was between $ 800 and $ 1,000. The uncommon bat-eared fox is in the upper end of the fennec fox price range.Kay Fedewa had set up a website in 2012 to support Russian researchers. She organized for a price of about 6,600 € the sale of domesticated Russian foxes with a lot of things included. Breeders in the United States may charge a lower price. All states have different laws on the books about exotic pets. A pet fox may be considered “a wild canine, small canine, non-domesticated species, exotic animal, or native wildlife,” so make sure you are allowed to own one where you live.


Fedewa plans to sell the foxes for about $8,000 each. That’s cheaper than a skunk ($450) and waaaay cheaper than something more exotic, like a kinkajou, which runs anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000. For comparison, a purebred Siberian husky can run you anywhere from $400 to $2,000, depending on its breeding and the reputation of the breeder. It is legal to own a pet fox in Wyoming as long as the owner obtains a permit from the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission. These permits require background checks for the potential owner and must be renewed annually.

Why is it illegal to own a fox in some states ?

Moreover, having a fox as a pet in California can put people at risk for rabies, as foxes are carriers of this disease. Foxes also need specific habitats to thrive such as places with plenty of space, lots of shade, water sources, and places to hide such as dens. Providing these habitats in an urban environment is difficult and costly. Thus, it is important to remember that while foxes may appear docile in captivity, they are still wild animals that should not be kept as pets in California. Given their distinctive characteristics, foxes are often considered exotic animals in the state. They have a high risk of carrying rabies, which is why it is illegal to keep them as companions.

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