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construction bookkeeping tips

He is personable, reliable and responds to any queries without delay. An excellent service provided on line by The Accountancy Partnership. We have been using them for three years to complete our Company Corporate Tax Return and our Director’s Self Assessment. We have our own dedicated accountant ready to answer any questions just an email away.

We’ll get you set up, settled in and introduce you to your accountant. Sign up to our quarterly e-newsletters, with the latest tax and industry updates from our team. You must register for VAT, though you can also do this voluntarily if you earn less than £83,000. If you’re VAT-registered with HMRC, you have to document and add VAT to every transaction you make. Read up on the latest from ryans and the accountancy world keeping you up to date on the latest in the world of accounting.

Looking for a new accountant?

Your dedicated accountant will conduct regular tax efficiency reviews to make sure your contracting business is operating in the most tax efficient way, claiming for every possible expense. Since you are now aware of the common accounting issues faced by the construction industry, it’s time you get in touch with the specialised accountants at BGS Accounting. If the subcontractor is VAT registered, make sure to exclude any VAT they charge you. Keep a note of these gross payment amounts for when you come to do your monthly returns. Once you’ve got an effective system in place, you’ll need to run payroll every month and provide your employees with payslips that detail their gross pay, PAYE deductions and their net pay.

  • The Construction Industry Scheme essentially requires contractors to deduct taxes from subcontractors and then pass this money onto HMRC.
  • Moreover, the powerful analytical capabilities of the tracker will help you to get the mileage rates and you will be informed by sending the notifications as well.
  • This allows you to generate on a weekly as well as a monthly basis, just like you require for your project.
  • Instead, the customer is responsible for processing and paying VAT to HMRC.
  • Having looked at a number of standard agency contracts hmrc has, as expected, suggested that such contracts fail ir35.

Corporation Tax is a tax that all limited businesses in the UK must pay on its profits. Your business’ profit is any money left over after you’ve deducted your expenses. Only limited companies pay corporation tax, meaning retail accounting sole traders are exempt. The main corporation tax rate is 19% and is levied on all profits and chargeable gains . To avoid this, develop a system for tracking outstanding invoices and sending timely reminders to clients.

Spring Budget 2023: What the announcements mean for your business

As a contractor, you’ll likely be in charge of your own bookkeeping. It’s therefore important that you have a firm grasp of accounting and can keep your bookkeeping processes water-tight. Otherwise, you might find yourself in trouble with HMRC and even encounter internal financial difficulties. You will get your own dedicated accountant from one of our UK-based offices, who will get to know you and your contracting business in detail. Few of the unique charges you have to pay are equipment rentals, cleanup hours and travel time. Administering your payroll can be time consuming and inconvenient, forcing you to redirect energy and resources from your business’ core activities.

construction bookkeeping tips

All employees of a Limited Company are subject to PAYE & NI on any salary they receive from their company. The company is therefore obliged to register for PAYE and to account to HMRC each month for the PAYE & National Insurance Contributions that are due. The term limited refers to the fact that the company’s finances are separate from the personal finances of the owners. Shareholders have ‘limited liability’ which means they are liable only for the amount they have invested in the company and are not personally responsible for company debts. Being an employee, director and shareholder of your own company you get paid three elements on a monthly basis.

We provide services to any type of industry, a few are listed below.

We suggest you keep business and personal expenses separate – otherwise, sorting through the documentation when the time comes will take up unnecessary time. Finding a suitable provider that enables you to easily keep track of your income and expenses is key to avoiding financial headaches further down the line. You may begin with Microsoft Excel or a free service, but as your needs develop, you are likely to want software that allows you to carry out various tasks.

This way, you don’t miss compensation for you and your workers’ labor. Accounting is a crucial facet in every industry because it allows you to keep track of your profit and expenses. With this, you ensure that you have more money coming in rather than going out, which will prevent your business from failing. Poor cash flow is one of the biggest causes of insolvency in the construction industry. You can avoid poor cash flow by keeping accurate records and preparing cash flow forecasts. Under the new regulations, companies that supply construction services to VAT-registered customers don’t need to account for VAT.

We don’t charge by the hour

A round sum of £6 per week can be claimed as an expense from 6 April 2020 (£4 per week before 6 April 2020). This is to cover the additional costs of working from home and does not require supporting paperwork. Bank and overdraft charges | loan, lease and hire purchase interest | Credit card, Paypal and Stripe fees are all allowable expenses. You can claim for the eye test provided it is necessary for the continued use of visual display equipment in your duties. You can claim the cost of the lenses if required for business however the frames are not allowed even when the lenses are allowed. Wages are an allowable expense and the director should be taking at least a minimum salary.

  • It can be hard to know where to start and how to ensure you’re covering all your bases.
  • Compliance will keep your taxes accurate and prevent any penalties that could affect cash flow.
  • A company’s main extraction of funds is often through dividends and before you are entitled to take a dividend, you must pay Corporation Tax on any profits.
  • As a result, construction companies often need to create separate profit and loss (P&L) statements for each project.
  • I am a VAT registered subcontractor and I have heard about something called the Reverse charge for CIS.

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