How to Trade Chart Patterns with Target and SL

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triangle pattern forex

At this stage, we looked at these screenshots and identified where each trade should have been set into breakeven (if, hypothetically, we did set trades into breakeven). We already mentioned that the reason we became interested in triangles is that they seemed to be a good fit for a trend trading system. You should also get your head around the fact that false breakouts are prevalent in Triangle Patterns and that you should be psychologically ready for them. However, the closing candle can have its close far away from the breaking point, which isn’t helping with the risk-reward ratio. On the other hand, the latter is perfect from the risk management perspective.

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Yen and Dollar Weaken as China’s Property Sector News Lifts Sentiment.

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A symmetrical triangle indicates a continuation of the early movement rather than a reversal. The figure is formed by two converging lines, the upper one (1-3) is drawn through two highs; the lower one (2-4) through two lows. Only after these four points (1,2,3,4) have been established, the symmetrical forex triangle patterns can then be formed. As mentioned before, there are three main versions of the triangle chart formation.


These are generally considered to be medium-term patterns, although they can also appear on long-term charts, altering the underlying trend’s nature. The movement after the breakdown of the symmetrical triangle should be in the range from 50% to 25% of its border, counting from the beginning of the pattern (point P). Very often, the level marked by the apex of the triangle (K) is strong support or resistance. As you already know the market does not rise or fall freely because different traders enter at random times with diverse strategies.

Rectangles could be bearish or bullish depending on the trend direction. The appearance of a descending triangle in a downtrend usually indicates that the price is likely to continue moving down. Our stop was always placed beyond the support/resistance accompanying the triangle pattern. This way, if the stop was wide, the price swing following the breakout must have been more extensive, denoting a more volatile market. Using this step-by-step method, we quickly put together a forex triangle pattern strategy. Today, we’re going to share the backtesting results of our forex triangle pattern strategy.

Types of Triangle Patterns

Triangle patterns have three main variations and appear frequently in the forex market. These patterns provide traders with greater insight into future price movement and the possible resumption of the current trend. However, not all triangle formations can be interpreted in the same way, which is why it is essential to understand each triangle pattern individually. An ascending triangle is a type of triangle chart pattern that occurs when there is a resistance level and a slope of higher lows.

triangle pattern forex

Since we wanted to trade as frequently as possible (not always a good idea), we decided to make a day trading strategy that catches intraday trends. For a little background, we love to make different trading strategies. Creating a system that would have beaten the market in the past is an intellectual challenge on its own. Add in the possibility of future gains, and you have a hobby worth pursuing. Now that we all understand triangles, it’s time to talk about the strategy.

Using Additional Technical Indicators for Confirmation

With respect to their duration, authentic triangles tend to be longer-term chart patterns. They will often progress over a time frame of several weeks or even months until they ultimately break out. Most triangle patterns develop during market consolidation phases during which trading conditions calm and volatility gets progressively lower. Expanding triangles are the exception because they can show the opposite characteristics of increasing volatility and more active trading conditions.

The symmetrical triangle can be viewed as the starting point for all variations of the triangle pattern. As the name suggests, a triangle can be seen after drawing two converging trendlines on a chart. Triangles, flags and pennants are among the best continuation chart patterns, triangle pattern forex while popular reversal patterns include double and triple tops and bottoms and head and shoulders tops and bottoms. Keep in mind that the trading volume will typically be fairly high going into a triangle pattern as the trend progresses to the triangle’s initial extreme point.

Advantages and Limitations of the Ascending Triangle

Once a triangle breakout is seen and a position is taken in the direction of that breakout, most traders will put their protective stop-loss exit orders safely below the triangle’s broken trendline. Take-profit orders are typically set just ahead of the level determined by projecting the initial width of the triangle from the breakout point. You can also use technical indicators like moving averages to confirm the trend direction and momentum indicators like the Relative Strength Index to confirm breakouts. As a forex trader, you can use the descending triangle pattern to identify bearish trends and capitalize on potential opportunities. To spot this pattern, search for a triangle shape that consists of support, resistance and a descending trendline. Confirm the pattern’s strength by analyzing volume and market trends.

As the ascending triangle name suggests and the above image illustrates, the pattern takes the shape of a triangle. Its base ascending trendline acts as a rising support line while its horizontal resistance initially inhibits movement above it but eventually gives way as a breakout occurs. Named because they look like triangles, these patterns connect the beginning of the upper trendline to the beginning of the lower come.

Triple Top and Triple Bottom Patterns

This is despite the fact that a breakthrough to the downside during a bear market might result in significant profits. After familiarizing ourselves with triangles’ structure, we now move to learn how to spot, draw, and trade triangle patterns. The break of the upper/lower trend line generates a signal for the trade. At this point, there are two options as to where they enter the market. Unlike the prior two versions of triangles, the symmetrical triangle consists of two converging trend lines. Neither of these is flat, which makes the symmetrical triangle both a neutral and continuation chart pattern.

  • If the head and shoulders neckline break, the reversal will be confirmed.
  • Finally, the symmetrical triangle can be both neutral and a continuation chart pattern.
  • Since we didn’t leave any open trades, this number is also the total profit produced by the forex triangle pattern strategy.
  • Suppose a stable uptrend has formed on the market before the symmetric triangle appears.
  • As you can see from the EUR/NZD hourly chart below, the price action broke through the flat supporting line after a consolidation period.

In this example, a rather tight stop can be placed at the recent swing low to mitigate downside risk. You can determine the direction of the trend by analyzing the exchange rate action visually and using technical trend indicators like moving averages. If the triangle is bullish, traders should look for a long position, while if the pattern is bearish, traders should look for a short position. One of the most popular neutral pattern charts is the Symmetrical Triangle. Catching the market after the confirmation of breakout gives you more profits with small risk.

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After finding the pattern type, you can trade between the demand and supply zone for short term entry and exits, if price breaks from the pattern, you can enter into long term trades. Forex Trading Technical Analysis got easier using the forex chart patterns. Trading chart patterns are easier to identify the future price movement.

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